We offer a large selection of dill pickles, sweet pickles, bread and butter pickles, russian pickles, hot pickles, jalapeno pickles, habanero pickles, dill pickle chips, Tony Packo's saurkraut, dilly beans, pickled mushrooms, pickled garlic, hot pickled garlic.

Our pickled items are sourced from the finest local farms and communites.  Made with love from our kitchens.  We use only the highest quality local grown produce to make our pickles and pickled items.  

No artificial ingredients, colors or sweetners. Make the old fashioned way, just like grandma used to make!

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Tony Packo's Thin Sliced Pickles and Peppers
Same as the originals, but sliced perfectly thin for sandwiches, burgers, or anything between two pi..
Ex Tax: $7.99
Chef Ivo's pickled asparagus kicked up with jalapenos and cayenne peppers. ..
Ex Tax: $11.99
Chef Ivo's Private Stock Pickled Hot Hot Pepper Mix. A super hot relish made of imported hot peppers..
Ex Tax: $8.99